Volkswagen Kit Cars

Yes it gets numbers ..... and yes it does connect with daughter.She came up with an amalgamation of my old race number and her favorite numbers ......So when she was racing dirt track the number was 73.That silver is lighter in person that the pics make it look.16992002652581.jpgAnd a mock up of printed pics from internet 16992002381000.jpg
whoooo.... Not much done here.

Got a general sick, sore throat some sinus. Not too bad, but it got in my ears. That sure is odd. I have had such a hard time getting over that part.

I have been down, just barely getting my job done. Layed up all Christmas and New years time off trying to get the ears well .

But I am getting better now.

Started back on the old car.

Trying to finish the windshield frame.

I had to cut it up into 4 pieces to reshape to fit the glass better. Probably should have cut into 5, but I did not want to cut and put back together right in the middle.

So it is all fiberglassed back together and smoothed out and put primer on it this evening. Hopefully the filler primer takes up some of the blemishes. My body work was not quite up to par, did not really have the energy to put in it.

It will get there, sand in the primer and see what I hafta do if it ain't right.

But it won't be long now and it will have a windshield in it.


I would not call it "nice".

It is all business with no creature comforts at all.

No heat


No vents

No roof

No windows

No sound dead pads

No padded seats

No dashboard

No mufflers

No place to put anything, glove box/pocket places.

It is barely road legal and only because it is pre 1968.

But whatever is going on outside is also going on your head. More like a motorcycle.

I do plan on driving it at least a few hundred miles away from home. Like to cruising the coast.

I gotta come up with a way to cover the fuel injection stacks if I get caught in the rain (and still be driveable).

The windshield frame sanded in fairly well, but I cut through several places. So it is primed up again. Waiting for it to be ready to sand again, and then some white paint
Not much done that makes big picture.

Several small things.

Got a smaller steering wheel to make some room.


Got the wipers done. A big mix of parts, late model spindles and motor, had to make an early model style chassis to fit the car. Rabbit arms and some lever ratio figuring and I have wipers.


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