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Mar 17, 2012
Vicksburg MS USA
So I had found a Bradley GT2 all new hanging in a basement.

The problem is that right now is that I dont have the money to build a full car. Especially to the level I would want to.

So maybe later......maybe has been hanging there at least 40 years.


Now I am interested in kit cars.

So guess what I find now.....a Vokaro, one of 500 made. Rare but no value.

It is a little thing on a cut down vw chassis. Basically the same thing as a dune buggy.

No doors

No roof.

No interior.

No niceties or bells and whistles.

Now this I may be able to finish.
So the idea is to build an autocross car. The dodge the orange cones in a parking lot lap time race.

Something me and my daughter could participate in.

Dune buggies used to tear it up back in the day. So I think the Vokaro could be competitive.

I am thinking a style that reminds you of the 60's Porsche racers.

Silver and red. Steel wheels. Ect.

I know my daughter would have loved this project over what we did. I had gotten an old bug for her, and yes it needed some work and we did it together. She drove that bug until it could give no more, LOL.

Yes that would does look like a super fun project, and it would be even funner zipping around town in it..

Love to see your work and how it all turns out in the end.
It is likely to take me a couple years to do.

She has a car.

This will be a toy that she can play with too.

Most of the parts will be much more "normal" than the scooter was.

The class I am looking at is sub 2 liter and turbo.

I have not decided what combo of parts.

94 x 69(stock stroke) 1915cc

92 x 74.......1968cc

90.5 x 76........1956cc. this may be the favorite

88 x 82........1995cc.

I do have an 82 cranks with the dowel pins wallered out. I wonder if I can fix that myself. I do know it cost to much to ship to a vw crank shop, get fixed, and ship back.
IRS or Swing?

Looks like its in pretty good condition, without major broken body panel(s) to fix, with somewhat of a drivetrain still intact.

Definite score for $500, all day long!:clapping:
A nearly complete 1600 dual port, dual relief, dog house. The right engine to build from. A 1973 model AK.


It also has a dual side cover IRS trans and ball joint front suspension.

No numbers on the body to date it.

The company was in business 1974 to 1986.

This body style was discontinued in 1981 for a larger upgraded comfort body.

The molds were sold and others claimed that they were gonna make them again. I caint find one that was made by any new owners of the mold. I would assume a couple got layed up but that there was a lack of interest for any customers and the project scrapped.

So I am gonna say the body can not be newer than 1981.

The vw pan/chassis is late 70 to early 71. It looks like the beam and trans are 71 and there were bits and pieces of a 71 motor laying around it. It was never driven or registered, so never completed.

So all that leaves me with the vw that was taken apart was minimum of 3 yrs old to a maximum of 10 yrs old at the time it was taken off the road.
Parts collected so far.

I came across these old Enkei lightweights. Technically not a street use rim....but the car is light. The wheels are not all that lightweight by today's standards anyway. I was going to have $250 in getting stock look steelies in 6" wide.

I got these with 2 barely useable tires of the right size for the rear and they are 17 dia and 7 wide (which is kinda narrow to find in a 17) which I think is the absolute maximum I could fit to the vw parts.

I might have to modify the body some. But a wheel I like and I paid $150 for them. Probably paint them red. Still thinking the silver and red racer look.

I am on the lookout for a Karman ghia windshield.

And an IRS pan.

The chassis shortening job on this pan is horribly botched. I purdy much need to start over.

I do have a swing pan.....I could cut the IRS parts off and weld then to the swing pan if I had too....

Still keeping the eyes out seeking the other big pieces.

I did find a 125hp BMW motorcycle engine......interesting. I do have a motorcycle with a car a car with a motorcycle engine would balance the world out.

Then found a flat six cylinder idea where I could put something that large in the Vokaro. I would have to make it longer and mid engine it....
More digging in the junk piles.

A few more pieces parts.

Add on sump.


2-1/2 gal of resin. A lot of glass cloth. A few packets of matt.


Viper red paint for the stripes and wheels.


Gas tank sealer.

Grade 8 pressure plate bolts.


I did find my old 041 heads modified by cb performance. These were the budget performance heads back in the day. Much like the "los panchito" heads are today. ......but not as good.

At one point I had all the parts to rebuild these heads.....but I have not found the parts. If the parts dont show up I doubt I will spend the money on this older model head.
Not a kit car but a fun looking project for someone...






Too bad a split window was sacrificed, but it could be a cool car in the right hands...

That began life as a later model super.

The body has been heavily modified. Headlight graft, early style rear apron, shortened, repop deck lid, conversion rear window insert, just all kinds of custom body work.

Too bad it was not chopped also. But the curved windshield of a super is not as easy to do.

Those little bitty amr superchargers are good for a few lbs on a smaller engine.....say...1776 and below. But you have to over rpm pretty badly to get there. Still though....putting 5 to 8 lbs on a stockish 1600 would be a major power gain for not a lot of money.

No .... wait....that has b and m on it. But it is small and v belt and looks like an amr.

Not to sure how many lbs it will do. Possibly can do more than the amr......or is that an amr with a b and m drive on it.

Ordered the front suspension parts.....disc brakes...lowered spindles...ect

I have not done much with it. I have some outside work to do towards it and it is winter here. Here in the deep south winter = rain.

Winter "snowman" in the south.


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