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  • You fixed my (Firefox) browser screen!! GREAT ~ I can log on with 1 screen, not 3 like I've had to in recent months. Thank You for the "fix" ~ 0pini0nated
    Hi Ted,
    I am willing to go on the members support list. Don't know how much help I can be over here in Oz but we come to the US each year so it might come in handy for me. My details are:
    Trikergirl3 (Gayle)
    Melton, Victoria
    Phone: 0419 392 325
    How is the list coming along? Do you have a release date yet?
    Keep up the great work
    Hey All...David here in WPB, Fla. Palm Bch Co. Ride an 07 street glide...DFT kit...upgrade 110 cu Sceamin` eagle. Still workin on Dyna...which is much needed on most trikes. Still need to find an in ground Dyno shop to tune for max performance.Anyone in my area know where theres a shop with a DYNO. Wheel base is important. Thats why in-ground drum is needed
    I am a new guy here. Not sure how this works. Wanting to join the "List" of available trikers for help. Info
    Jeff McDonald
    Mena, AR
    501 454-6745
    Hi Ted & MJ, I have reservations at the Stonebridge Campground for 6/22-6/27. My # is 352-406-0600 & e-mail jgalster18@gmail.com
    Sure looking forward to seeing you again and attending the rally. Please keep in contact. Do you know if there will be a published agenda for the 4 days of the rally?
    John Rine 'rally' in Leesburg.
    Ted: Good idea!!! I'm on the Ventureriders list as well....Phone number 352 221 1135..Tools, trailer, tow vehicle, air compressor, in a pinch cold do accommadations for stranded riders..No lift as the old one was junk and not replaced as of this date...Regards, Bob D.
    Ted, I will be willing to participate.

    Name: Larry Letzer - Comanche phone
    cell 254 290-0643 Home 254 547-3007

    I have some tools and a knowledge of the area. I am available for a ride or if they need help get a two truck for them and take them to a motel.
    Ted....count me in:
    Ed Reilly (Doc)
    Whitehouse Station, NJ
    (NW Central, NJ 19 miles east of PA off RT 78)
    Hey, buddy! Nana asked that ScalpHunter and I touch base with you to make sure we were on your list of Texans! We're in Killeen (Fort Hood) which is an hour north of Austin, three hours from Dallas. Would love to be in on the creation of a Texas TT chapter. Thanks for your help!
    You may add me to the help list. Bill Hill, Michigan Cell# 989-280-2757. I do have an enclosed trailer
    Jim and Barb bullard Smiths station Alabama Cell# 706-662 4070, shop number= 334-297-8130. Leave a message, I may be on the tablesaw, or something, but I check for messages every few minutes! Good Idea you guys!!! Jim
    Hi! jimsjinx here! I got the heads up e mail, about the help list, and yes I can be had!!LOL I have a trike sized trailer, and can get a stranded guy to a shop, or safe haven in an emergency. Jim and Barb.

    I would like to add my name and phone # to your golden book list it would be appreciated..

    Name: Doug Polancih (retdpd)

    Home: Eastpointe, MI

    Phone: home (586)-776-0024
    cell (586)- 360-3724
    Gebo48, Gene A. Hanselman - Bucyrus, OH - 419.562.8421 - 2004 Goldwing w/'06 Champion Trike Kit.
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