Sometimes things don't according to plan, such as the new house with many problems,:gah: and the wiring didn't turn out the way the instructions noted (Damn Chinese)2022-07-25-271.JPGand the heat here in Riverside so I take it apart and move the electrics inside,2022-07-25-270.jpgand with the help from YouTube wiring problems solved,:clapping:Bench Tested that is, now to put it back on the trike to find the mistakes...:confused:
2022-07-27-272.jpgColor coded wires mixed up from controller to twist grip,:clapping:forward and reverse are mixed on the selector (minor fix):gah:then bolt down the engine+ chain and GO-GO, I hope...:Coffee:


Setting up the wiring now on the trike (note the batts). OK!:clapping:The wires were mixed from the controller to the throttle (Thanks China) AND!!! I found a local wiring/solder guy who helps restore old pin ball machines locally, How cool is that... After he fixes TriPod then he will do RebelRouser.

I am not destined to get the projects finished,:gah:The wiring guy's wife gave him covid, so I decided to do one of my "Honey Do's List" change the double side stairs for more room in the carport. :clapping:HPIM4284.JPG:Coffee:
Mock up again

MockUp again! DAMN!:gah: Most of the wiring is straightened out BUT when the motor is engaged the diamond plate moves up or down, not enough support/bracing for the motor mount plate, so back to the drawing board for more bracing...:Shrug:






Do you think these added braces will stop the flex? EDIT: Have to order the aluminum from eBay, not a large supply here in Hemet Ca.


  • 2022-10-18 Motor mount fix.jpg
    2022-10-18 Motor mount fix.jpg
    809.2 KB · Views: 32
View attachment 110345The welder said this is over kill, I hope he's right. :clapping:

this will stop any bending in the up and down(as pictured) but nothing for right to left or twisting corner to corner. if you put another plate on the bottom of the ribs it would stop the twist stitched around the out side an a few plug welds to the ribs would be good. dont forget some access holes to get your socket in
YES! I am still at it, keeping (all) the batteries charged and finishing up on the inside workshop area with lots of shelves...:Coffee:

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OK, I took these photos this morning (iPhone) after fixing the trike table and I could not stand the surface rust on the front fender, so the batteries are full charge and the motor is bolted back down, and...IMG_0337.JPG-I am really getting tired of fighting with this damn Chinese wiring...Sooo guess who is also looking at a HF gas engine with electric start. Now I'll play with Papa Zs tool bar.:cool:2024-04-18-0295.JPGAnd this is the West wall I made for keeping my toys safe, notice the double doors. I hope this kicked up the property value a lot...


  • IMG_0338.JPG
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It is with a heavy heart that TriPod, eTrike is no more, :mad: z2024-06-01-0351.JPG-I will be looking into a gas engine, electric start, Reverse, (sort of prototype for Shenanigans3) EDIT: New swing arm design also... šŸ˜Žz2024-05-30-0346 eTrike no more.JPG
Gas Motor-Automatic (Wife)-Reverse. 1st Choice- 125cc scooter motor-semi auto-reverse, need to change complete rear section with left over parts. 2nd choice H.F. Predator 420cc-13HP-eStart-add reverse kit-redesign rear only.

The swing arm will have to be re-designed for the gas engine and a cove to hide it. I want it to be street legal and the DMV laws here are a few, Gas powered is called "Slow moving vehicle (SMV) all lights and equipment plus 25MPH tops (yeah right). It electric 25MPH no DMV rules or insurance, can call mobility scooter. BUT! I am also thinking hide the gas motor and electric motor on the front wheel.2024-06-0360.JPG

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