Post Your Can Am Spyder Trike Pics


I really like your seat cover,that is class.
Finally got a few pics of the Spyder. (Please ignore the messy garage)

And here is Gloria practicing in a casino parking lot. She said it was a lot of fun, 1 more practice session and she'll try hitting the road. She hasn't done the pilot seat thing in many years, since about '04 when we sold the 1st VW based Trike Shop (now Roadsmith) Runabout.

Spyder 2.jpgSpyder 3.jpgSpyder.jpg
Fanning Outpost MO Red Rocker.jpg20150222_125406.jpg

This was my '14 RTL. Had it for two years. After 19K miles, I went back to Harley for obvious reasons. Didn't feel like changing the colors in my garage. It was fun, just couldn't keep tires on it and couldn't stop the anti-freeze leaks. Traded for '17 TG. 27k trouble free miles.

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