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Bought the RT Limited in Lava Bronze Metallic with brown seat at end of model year during factory incentives. Not many miles so far due to winter (!) and loving it. Looking forward to Spyderfest this April!
This is how I got it home to Pa. from Long Island, got lots of attention on the highway. I'll add more pics.
Thank You for the Can-Am Spyder forum section!

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Re: Can Am Spyder Trike Pics

Your request for photos is granted.
In the beginning and 5 days later…

Then 7 months later...


Here is list of all the mods and if you are interested a link that followed the building on my Spyder. The modding of SpYder #1374...
1) BRP Can-AM
a- Removable hard bags
b- Fog Lights Kit with PIAA 3500K bulbs
c- Combination Harness
d- Billet Rear Axle Nut covers
e- Billet Swing Arm cover
f- Billet Swing Arm Cap Kit
g- 2011 RS-S wheels
h- Sport Rack
2) Full panel custom paint in Ford SVT Orange
3) Fuel Safe custom 5 gallon trunk mounted auxiliary fuel tank
4) Russell Performance aluminum fittings and stainless wrapped hoses
5) Custom Relays solid state fuel pump timer
6) Painless Performance Wiring

a- CirKit Boss Auxiliary Fuse Block/ 7 circuits
b- 6- Pack Relay Bank
c- Painless TXL wire
7) APEM Components
a- Q Series 6mm LED Panel Mount Indicators
b- MT Series Switches
8) KewlMetal
a- Spyder RS Center Console
b- Spyder Handlebars, 5” pull backs
c- Spyder Mirror Extensions
d- Spyder RS Performance Air Filter Kit
9) Russell Day Long leather seat with heat
10) Hot Grips heated handlebar grips
11) Warm & Safe remote Heat-Trollers for heated grips and vest
12) ELKA

a- High Performance 2-way shocks, front with shock protectors
b- High Performance 2-way+ shock, rear with custom shock reservoir mounts
13) Yokohama Performance Tires
a- AVS ES100 185/60-14, front
b- AVS ES100 225/50-15, rear
14) Two Brothers Racing
a- Juicebox Fuel Controller
b- O2 Eliminator
15) Custom Fabricated Duel Exhaust System with Suzuki GSX-R Mufflers
16) Jet-Hot Ceramic Coating

a- Jet-Hot 2000 coating on main pipes from heads to collectors
b- Jet-Hot satin black coating on collector and mid-pipes
17) Xenon Depot HID headlights with 4300K bulbs
18) Clearwater Glenda LED fog lights
19) TricLED

a- White LED ringlights
b- Amber LED ringlights
c- Amber High Power Fendertip LEDs
20) ESI Cycle Products
a- LED Front Turn signals
b- LED Rear Turn signals
c- LED Taillight Conversion
d- LED Front Mud flaps
21) Electrical Connection Superflash LED Brake Light Modulator
22) Vertika Trykes Canada

a- Front Nose
b- Rear Fender with Spoiler (spoiler removed after road damage on the way to MV)
23) Billet Boys LED License Plate Frame (removed after road damage on the way to MV)
24) Spyder Pops
a- Missing Air Dam
b- Missing Belt Guard
c- Missing Heat Shield
25) ISCI
a- Hand Brake System
b- FanCan
26) Lamonster IPS Key Cover with Custom Powder Coating
27) Garmin Zumo 550 GPS (has been upgraded to a 665)
28) Madstad Engineering

a- RoboBracket System
b- 20” Smoke Windshield
29) Powerlett 12V outlets
30) Evoluzione Heavy Sway Bar
31) Throttlemeister Heavy Bar End Weights
32) Signal Dynamics LED Voltage Monitor
Re: Can Am Spyder Trike Pics

No kitchen sink?
Looks like it has most everything else!
Thanks for the SL link, had not see that thread.

Nice work, and that must be your Focus in the background of the first pic.
Re: Can Am Spyder Trike Pics

So how much better is it from stock form , it looks great but is it better on fuel , faster , handle better ?
Re: Can Am Spyder Trike Pics

So how much better is it from stock form , it looks great but is it better on fuel , faster , handle better ?

I believe it is faster but I never timed it or had it on a dyno. With the custom exhaust and intake it is breathing much better.


It is definitely handles much better than a stock Spyder RS. The combination of nice sticky wider tires, heavier sway bar along with the Elka shocks really have improved the package.


Fuel mileage? Well that's the Spyders weak point. Even stock they don't do very well. Over 28k miles I'm averaging about 27-29. Aerodynamics isn't a strong point for this trike but if I was worried about fuel mileage I would have stayed on 2 wheels. This is the main reason I added the 5gal aux tank up front. It give me a max range of 325 miles around town and 225 - 250 out on the road depending on my wrist control.

In the end I feel most of the mods were worth it. The nice thing about doing the mods all before it hit the street was there are no more major tear downs to install something else. I have little things to still be done but don't require a lot of downtime to install.
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Our 14 RT. So far we have installed a front sway bar, bumpskid plate,floor boards ,flag brackets,trailer hitch and wiring harness,neon's on the fenders,gloryder lights. we also built a cargo trailer to haul our camping gear. The trailer works great for grocery store runs and Home Depot stops. Good reaso for more riding.2014-04-17 14.58.12.jpg2014-04-17 14.25.29.jpg
Thanks!! Do you like the ultimate seat? Is that the stock version seat?

it is a seat that they make. i think it is a standard seat they do sell. this one is what they call a tall boy seat. it is comfy and it is a little wider between the thighs than a stock seat.

every seat is different for each person. you just have to try it for a while. I think Ultimate gives you a 30 day trial period to try their seat.
Another new SpYder owner

Been wanting but not at the price the dealers wanted. Went on a trip to see friends out of state and he has been wanting a SpYder , too. Visited the closest dealer to him and got a great deal so....

Here is my 2014 Can Am SpYder RT-SM6, Pearl White. Just got it home so haven't done too many things to it, only a Spyderpops rock guard and a BatteryTender pigtail. More farkles to come!

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