Harley CVO Reveal

I was at a local dealership last week to get oil and a filter and oil drain plug and ask were are the Triglides He said they do get one in transit are sold before they can put them in the showroom…

Many dealers are taking deposits now to keep their inventory low
Many dealers are taking deposits now to keep their inventory low

My guy has a 2022..With only 5 hundred miles on it…But it’s one of those phony baloney G.I. additions…. like putting a Ferrari sticker on a Ford escort…😁
CVO trikes

My dealer said that they have only been allocated 1 CVO trike in the past (per year),

he stiil has NO word if there will be a CVO trike this model year,

I got tired of waiting and bought the Anniversary edition #273 of 1100.

Love it sofar…….

Without doing a bunch of research on Harley's version of VVT.What happens when the heavy weight oils get put in these things?I know in automotive there are at least some models that changing from the recommended oil weights creat driveability issues.

That is a very good and unanswered question that we need to know

Many car manufacturers and trucks also are very specific on this

Early Dodge Hemi truck engines were ruined by not following the owner's manual on this subject

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