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      With everything else going up the past couple of years I have been thrilled with my current Trike policy. A few months ago my annual...
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      ISP-FL replied to the thread Over Sized?.
      Little late to the party, but.... I just replaced my rear tires and never really considered any size changes because the OEM brand and...
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      ISP-FL reacted to trike lady's post in the thread Need advice with Thanks Thanks.
      Congrats, you might as well buy new. :)
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      ISP-FL reacted to New Orleans Kevin's post in the thread Need advice with Like Like.
      Congrats Swede! There is a lot to be said for a new bike . All the latest technology, warranty and in general availability of parts /...
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      Just before I traded for my first TG (2016) we were in a congested parking lot and a gal came around a corner and cut me off. I had to...
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      ISP-FL replied to the thread Need advice.
      Actually if I was looking to spend $28,000 to $30,000 to get on 3 wheels I would have probably done the same thing. You are starting...
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      ISP-FL replied to the thread TG Extended warranty.
      Spot on Kevin. One size does not fit all. Some TG owners may not even really need an ESP. I knew back in 2016 that our riding miles...
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      ISP-FL replied to the thread TG Extended warranty.
      This is just my 2 cents worth on ESPs for Harleys. I think you have to decide if you want coverage more for having repairs done at...
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