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Aug 14, 2016
Atwood, Illinois United States
I have a 2008 GL1800 comfort/navi model with a 2023 RS HTS1800 conversion. When applying front brake lever brakes are smooth. When I apply rear pedal I get a pulsing or shudder like you have with warped rotors. Is rear brake pedal linked to both front rotors or just one or neither? Conversion has about 8,000 miles on it bike has 32,000 miles.
You may want to contact your installer or Roadsmith, they had an issue with their rear rotors at one time and provided replacements.
Another thing that it could be is residual air that needs to be bled off. There are 2 more steps that you won't find in the manuals and there is a spot in front that is higher than us possible to effectively bleed the rear brake system. It is nicknamed the "Rocky bleed". I copied this from another forum.

To be sure you have no residual air bubble in the rear system!!
6: Pressurebleeding the lower Junction block. (Upper left side of frame sitting onbike).Follow rubber hose from Secondary master cyl to the Junction block.
7) Pressure Bleed the top Banjo bolt on the Secondary Master Cyl.(To be sure the air bubble is completely out)

STEP-6 ( follow the hose from the Secondary Master Cyl up to the Fitting on the block you need to bleed)

STEP -7 (I use a rag over the wrench when I bleed steps 6&7, and have a spray bottle of water handy to neutralize the brake fluid after bleeding them)




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