Anyone else?

No but giving the 2.4 Ecotec 170 hp computer motor a lot of thought . $2200 plug and play straight to the door comes with everything I need .:Shrug:
Fuel who and curve what?? Dude, you just went way above my pay grade! I'm still settin' points! :D

Good luck and let us know how it turns out! I might even learn something! ThumbUp
Well I have it apart.
Looks like it is gonna be a 2276cc or so.
I have ford edis coil driver and coil.
Crank trigger and wheel.
Mitshubishi high impedance 320 cc injectors.
Chevy sensors.
Camero throttle bodies that I ain't too sure about. Might do something else. Wanting to use a Ford idle air valve and it is pwm instead of the chevy stepper motor. The camero bodies have the idle air on the body themselves instead of seperate.
Currently building the controller board.
I have all the code to load on the chip and the software to set it.
Just need to figure out what to set it all to.
I have done stuff like this to other motors.
But not to an old air cooled vw.
I could just do enough math and make a guess and tune from there trial and error.
Or maybe I should get some wide band o2 sensors and just make it auto tune.

O well I will figure it out as I go.
good luck and let us know how it turns out.

all of the sensors , computers, and wiring night mares are why I retired my wrenches to my garage and went to nursing school.
Changed my mind about the Camero throttle bodies. Got some big kawasaki scooter units. With the injector bosses in them. Now to make some custom intake manifolds.


Got a new 86mm stroker crank. Some 5.5 inch long chevy rods. Now looking for some 92mm thick wall cylinders. So it is gonna be a 2286cc.
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WOW now I really feel OLD. I recently got a '71 single carb 1600 and I ain't used all it's got to offer. But I still remember when I would have wanted one. Boy Howdy, a 1000 miles and I would've been there in the morning. Gas, tires, and tickets. Sure did enjoy it. Which is part of the reason for my disability. But it was a hoot. Boy am I feeling old.
Thanks for your time and the memories.
86mm forged counter weighted chevy journal stroker crank.


- - - Updated - - -

Chevy bottom vw top, h beam, 3/8" arp bolt, 5.5" long con rods for stroker pistons.

I have been emailing with Pat Downs.
I am going to be hard pressed to get to my 200 hp goal because of my 4 straights exhaust. He told me without a merged 4 into one collector I will not be able to run the big cam.
Did recommend a more aggressive cam than what I have now.

I am going to study it again. Maybe now I can figure out a place to put a real header.
Good luck seems as though 4 into 1 riding that low with a mid engine is gonna be hard but I think if anybody can do it you will .

Now there is still the Ecotec 2.4 turbo 200 plus . :D LOL :Agree:
I went ahead and ordered 94mm pistons and cylinders. Also an Engle Fk10 cam.
New displacement. ........2387cc

Now to get back to working on it.

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