2000 Honda Valkyrie Trike Suspension Question

Jun 9, 2024
Hesperia, CA
Hello All,

First of all I know this is for "Goldwings" but I didn't see a spot for Valkyrie so I figured I'd post it here. My question is I'm looking to upgrade to "air ride" and I was looking for good suggestions if what kits to get any info would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

I need more info on your trike. What year is it and is it a Motor Trike or Roadsmith Conversion? Also, "air ride" is not necessarily an upgrade, as the Motor Trike air shocks are well known to fail, whereas a good set of adjustable coilover shocks are not prone to failure and can produce a very good ride.
It's a'2000 and I'm afraid I didn't know the difference in a motor trike and a roadsmith conversion. I do know the previous owner is the one that had it converted it was a regular two wheel Valkyrie to begin with and he dropped it and that scared him so he had it converted I bought it off his daughter after he passed away
No problem, do you have any pictures of it? Can you try to post a picture here so we can tell you who made it? If so, we can tell you what you have and what your best options are.
I'm really sorry I don't know anything about motorcycles except for the fact that I've always wanted one and being paralyzed I thought that dream was over until I can't across a trike manny years ago ....I love my trike and everything about it except it's a rough ride and I feel every bump in the road so I wanted to upgrade to air ride to make the ride smoother so if you all could lead me in the right direction I world deeply appreciate it
Air bags on it??? It doesn't have air bags already or at least that's what I was told
Sorry but yes it does.
At least the picture you posted shows one.
If you look at the pic of the tire and Shock in the middle there is a black item with a silver ring around it.
Coming off the top is a "L" fitting with a 1/8 in hose running to it.
That's the air bag.
Very well could be leaking from age or are disconnected.

Something to check out.
If the trike has an onboard compressor see if it works and will fill the airbags, if there isn't one then use a hand pump and then put soapy water on the fittings to see if they leak and being that the trike is 24 years old the bags could be shot.

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