Trike in the Queue

The company not only builds units for in-house conversions as well as dealers. Spring and summers is when orders ramp up from dealers. Also keep in mind that if the trike body is being painted in-house that takes time also. Most people don't realize the best time to do a conversion is in the fall and winter months.
Please also keep in mind that businesses are having a rough time finding people that want a job. :(
Great feedback. Thank you. I just have to wait my turn. I feel like a kid a couple of weeks before Christmas 🤣
Yep, all valid points trike lady. "but" .......... you are ignoring the facts that all those factors and info is what the manufacturer has in mind when they determined estimated ship date. My prior research convinced me they were the manufacturer I wanted. Note I did not ask how quick you could do it I asked when is your estimated ship date for my order after it was sent in and they had a week to come up with the estimated date. Total lack of accurateness and then no follow up communications or sake of apology = my concern of poor customer service attitude.
Hey, Kemp. NJ Mike and I saw your bike as CSC as he has posted because we saw your name on the bike. I’m sure they’re in the process of building your kit as we speak. Beautiful bike.
Wow that's good to know! Sorry for the late response but yes if you saw my name on, it that's all good news to me.

Someone asked if I was from New Jersey, No I live in Fredericksburg VA.
James, my brother and I always meet at Hooters in Fredericksburg when I ride down from NJ. Typically 2 or 3 other riders join us for lunch. Let me know if you want to meet up the next time and we’ll include you in the email/text updates.

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