How Many Have Dropped A 2 Wheeler?

Dropped my 99 Venture while 2 up and pulling a trailer up in Knoxville. Came off 40 and stopped. Put my right leg down, not realizing that there was a dip in that spot. Over we went. Twisted my ankle and my wife bruised her shoulder. Fortunately there was no damage to the bike other than a bent foot peg. I stopped to pick up a bottle of Aleve and dry ate it all the way home that day.
I never dropped mine at least 10 times in a slow speed handling/ skills class...... :xszpv::D:D

I had the opportunity to demonstrate the proper way to lift a Goldwing in front of a MSF class. And while there were different skill drills going on, the instructor made sure everything came to a halt so everyone could focus on me lifting my GL1500 from the tarmac..... :blush: ..... Jim
Dropped the Harley ultra classic, fueled it up, parked it in the garage when I got back and didn’t get the kickstand fully extended, there’s no way to stop a 900lb bike from falling over, thank goodness for the engine and bag guards. It was a chore standing that joker up by myself.
I never "dropped" a 2-wheeler... but I have ferociously held on to it - so as to GENTLY lay it down.:D

For the next couple of days my upper torso let me know what a hero I was... SO sore... :(

1981 GL500 Silverwing Interstate - in gravel - quick stop in a gravelled parking lot.

1987 Kawasaki Voyager 1200 - in gravel - while trying to back up... they didn't have reverse, just leg power.

Yep... thank goodness for the engine and bag guards.
trying to put the kickstand down by leaning it away from me,

Bet most new riders have done that accidentally. Once that bike starts falling away from you it's pretty hard to stop.
A motorcycles natural state is lying on its side.

Don’t ask me how I know that!

In 1980, while making a slow speed u turn I Dropped my chopped Yamaha 650 in the Mickey D’S parking lot . My feelings were so hurt I picked it up and rode off without going in 😁
Just before I traded for my first TG (2016) we were in a congested parking lot and a gal came around a corner and cut me off. I had to swerve too close to a median curb and stop, couldn't hold it up but the engine guards caught the high curb and at least it didn't go down all the way.....lucky.

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