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Mar 10, 2018
Lowell, WI, US
It was a great ride. Yes we got wet. Well at least the rain gear did and the Rig did . We stayed dry.

We have decided to Trike the 2020RGL and pick up another RG to mount the sidecar back on. This should be an interesting project.

Trying to find a 2 day break so I can ride down and talk with Hannigan.

The reasons for this are many and wife and I are in complete agreement on it.

We were able get the visit in at Creation Museum on the way down. Worked out we had plenty of time to spend there.

When are you going Smitty? I'll be there next week converting a BMW K1600 GTL trike and picking up a Harley Transformer conversion.
When are you going Smitty? I'll be there next week converting a BMW K1600 GTL trike and picking up a Harley Transformer conversion.

Looking to do it next week when do you plan to be down there ?

Visited Kool trikes today. Impressive. But they over ride ABS and RDRS. I still want to see how Hannigan deals with those 2 thing
I'll be there Monday through Wednesday or Thursday.
I will let you know soon as I figure out when I slip out of here.
I have a VFW function to be at all day Sunday. Looking at rolling out drive way early Monday .
Check in at Best Western get to Hannigan in the morning and ride back once I have all I need to give the go to building it.
Rabbit hole just got deeper. The Trike will sleep in the below ground bike room. Two problems, door is not wide enough and road leading is not wide enough.

That is what Tractors are for rip the road road out and widen it. The door will take some time but not that hard to do.

20240530_090852 (Copy).jpg
Made motel reservation for Murray KY For Monday night. Tuesday ride to Hannigan and sit down at the table and go over options on equipment, time line and if all goes as I expect sign the contact to build it.
I must explain 12 stops. Every time I stop for gas counts as two. I never leave my bike parked at a pump. I fill up pay at pump get out of the way. Then shut it off to run inside.

Also today I stopped and flashed a different tune . Just experimenting . That is a two count for stops.
Did shut it down once in a traffic jam. It was clear we were not moving for awhile.
Sleep in tomorrow be at Hannigan's by 0830.
The trip down on Monday was a great ride. Road destruction this time if year is always going to be there.
It would be nice if IL spent some of the taxes they collect on fixing roads.

Tuesday morning we got started at Hannigan about 0815. Just went down the list of options. After a couple times, had it worked out.

I had a pretty good idea what was wanted and not wanted.

Spent some time in the shops getting questions answered. Most of that went as I expected.

Had a talk with the painter. To be honest I am leaving the graphics up to him.

Looked over a couple that were in the process of being built. Confirmed in my case the blacked out wheels where the best option.

By 1100 we had it all figured out, contract printed and signed.

Then needed to get home. No damage but rain had caused some flooding in the area. Not the worst we ever seen.
Lot to do getting ready for the trike. Pulled car tire wheel off yesterday. Reentered Serial number for the TPMS sensor on the Bike wheel.

Pulled stock header off, going to put the 2-1-2 on.
It almost hurts to see the bike sitting like this . But must be done.

The wiring harness that powered the sidecar needs to come off. That I will leave to Hannigan.
They installed it. The mods to brakes for sidecar same thing.
The reverse is being painted black. Base coat was done yesterday needs to sit 48 hours .

Thinking about installing my extended rear brake pedal. It lowers the angle of the pedal.


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