Anyone else?

Have not done much on the trike.

A couple laps around town and to a local show.


Then the youngest is out for summer.
Nice, getting to spend time with your daughter. I remember my best friends mom taking us out for summer fun. They taught me to snow and water ski. Thanks for bring back the old memories Rex. Look like so much fun.:)
:clapping:Nothing like getting a Trophy for all your hard work Rex!

This is awesome, as I knew it had the quality to win, and think this is just the start for you Rex.

I do think you are why I attacked the front end of my trike, you just gave me the inspiration "I can do it"

I thank you my friend. Reba is just one of a kind, and she is all your hard work...……..

Now I really need chrome wheels.

I have not found anything much different that I would want for the front (might search some more).

So if I am stuck with the straight spoke front wheel I am thinking to get it chrome colored powder coated. Then replace the rear wheels with chrome something else.

And no.....I do not want huge 50's on it, just to much of a power suck.

Now with the 16 inch car wheels there is not a lot of choices I like. There are a few more choices in a 17 inch wheel, but nothing yet to make it worth buying tires for yet.

Current front.....add shiney coating.


Current choices.

Straight spokes that somewhat match. But dont really look that good.


A straight spoke that dont really match. But look better.


And....s##w matching but look good.

do like the rear wheels shown... but thinking there must be a front chrome wheel out there...maybe larger dia. that would match those rears. looks like your fork has room for a bigger wheel.....just a thought
Here's a thought that I've kicked around. What is your front wheel off of? What does the rear wheel from that same bike look like? If you know someone with mad fab skills, I bet he could come up with an adapter hub to mount the MC wheel to the VW bolt pattern. Some of these later model cruisers have some pretty fat rear wheels. Would complete the full custom look for sure!
It is kz 550.

Purdy much all jap bikes in the 80's had wheels very much like this.



I would be more inclined to make/modify the motorcycle front wheel to match the car wheels.

I have vaguely matching wheels now that are not chrome. So the objective will be chrome.
A day trip for me and girlie to the Mississippi delta north of my hometown.

"Flood Fest" a community fund raiser for the backwater flooding of the Mississippi river. The farm land of the ms river delta has been underwater for half a year or more. Dont expect any farm products this season.

So girlie was a volunteer worker for the day and I participated in the car show.

Well yes....that is actually what I wanted when I very first built it many years ago.


That is not what I want now.

Still looking and figuring.....
bagger 23"

Hoghalter renegade 23" bagger....might be in 21" also? might match wheel #3 on your post. Now its time for some serious bling!bagger 23.jpg

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