After 7 weeks for my Voyager Kit to arrive.


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Dec 23, 2023
Hidden Valley, AZ
OK, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my Voyager trike Kit, they told me 2 to 3 weeks, Well it's been 7 weeks now and it should be delivered tommorow, of course I woun't be home and a freind of mine will come over and use my tractor to take it off the truck. as I will be in colorado shooting prairie dogs for 3 days, if there is any damage to the crate he will open it up and check it out. I got the custom kit with all LED lights to match my 2011 Ultra rear light & the brushed 15" wheels so i they will pretty well match the bike wheels. and since I had plenty of time, I have all the wireing done. I hope everything goes good. when I get back I'll take pictures of the product and fill everyone in with up dates.
I just had the Black paint. If everything works out I'll have the Fenders and rear painted at a later date. I just got off the phone with the shipping co. and I'll have it here between 8:00am & noon. My Tractor is all set up with the forks so it won't take long to get it off the truck.

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