Some of the Bikes I've Owned - Wisconsin

Jul 1, 2024
Northwestern Wisconsin
Tim Morgan
I started out in High School with picking up a '57 pan head that was a basket case (peach baskets). A picked up cheap and spent my junior year rebuilding her. Ride for 1 and wrench for 2 was an old adage that was true.

Had her thru my years of U.S. Army service and part of my college years. Got busted up in service. I hit a chuck hole doing about 50, after being thrown into a hand stand (almost went over the handle bars), That put me in the hospital for about 3 weeks and a wheelchair for 2 years.

The VA docs talked me out of riding because of my injuries from service. After healing got 3 cylinder Moto Guzzi that was a touring model. Had that for awhile then went to a Virago. Both nice bikes. Lost them in a divorce and got an '82 Yamaha 650 cc after about 2 years. Set that up for touring and did a 1,500 mile and then the next year a 3,200 mile road trip.

My injuries acted up again and I wound up being a paraplegic from 2009 to 2019. I had to go to trikes and got a home built VW trike in 2018. Rebuilt the engine and modified the clutch. She has a 1970 1500cc engine and a 4 speed shift on the left side and a fun ride.

In '22 got a 2016 Triglide Ultra and put a little 12,000 mi before she was wrecked on I94 just outside of Madan, ND, in June of '23 when I was towing her with my RV (got blown into the median by the wind).

In August of '23. Bought my current ride, a 2023 Triglide Ultra.

Met my old lady on a poker run last August and planned the road trip we are now on. We are doing a swing thru the Southwest and swung thru Bakersfield to Aptos and then went up Ca Hwy 1 Northern Cali in Cresent City. We will hit Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and we will be in Sturgis for bike week in August.

Current milage is a little over 11,000

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