May 16, 2024
Manitoba Canada
I had an issue with our local motor vehicle branch recently (they said I shouldn't have a drivers license, I said I should...they won, temporarily).

Anyway I decided that this was as good a time as any to do some upgrades on the Silver Ghost. A previous owner had put in a new battery, dropped a bolt where it became jammed in the frame and proceeded, over time, to machine a perfect groove into my drive belt. Although it had not reached the cord it was something that was going to have to be replaced eventually. I had read on this forum that I might benefit from replacing the stock 32 spline trans pulley with a 30 spline and this was also the right time for that.

Phillip and the crew at GasLight Harley Davidson in Morden, Manitoba did a great job and also found a shot compensator sprocket which was replaced, again, because it was the right time for that as well. To top if all off they installed my brand new RC Components wheels and front brake rotors and if I do say so myself, the Silver Ghost has not looked better.

Thanks to this forum for the advice on the pulley change and to Papa Zook for his recommendation on RC Components. They are a great company to deal with and brother, do they make a beautiful wheel. I heartily add my recommendations to anyone considering a wheel upgrade.

PS, By the way, I won my battle with the MV and got my license back in time to pick up my trike. I am now planning some NEW winter upgrades.
Can you post your pictures as an image rather than a pdf? When any member clicks on your pdf attachment it automatically downloads it, so I had to remove it.

Good news on getting your license back, love to see your trike pics.
The wheels look great! So you went with matching RC Components front and rear wheels?

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