Quality Time With Some New DK Custom Stuff


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Dec 8, 2022
Myrtle Beach SC USA
I got to spend some good quality time over the past couple of weeks putting the new DK Custom additions through their "paces" (if you will) on our 2017 HD Freewheeler

First a minute about the installs. Removed the stock AC setup, cover, filter, backing assembly, breather bolts, hoses and mounting bracket. Starting with the billet aluminum Transformer EBS install, straight hose barb, mini pod, Outlaw 606 backplate, standoffs, filter, OEM cover bracket and re- installation of the stock AC cover. Absolutely outstanding ... installation was seamless, beautiful, clean clean and all of the hardware is super precision high quality. Directions were clear and easy to follow. Next was the install of the DK Custom NEXGEN 13" Shocks and Convertible Comfort Lift Kit. This install was done by my HD Dealership. The home garage was just not equipped for this one.

So now that I have had a couple of weeks of quality (2 up) scootin around with the new setup ... I must say that I am thrilled with the results! The air intake system produces an obvious hesitation free, instant substantial performance improvement. No question at all how great the bike is running. Roll on throttle response was excellent in every gear. I was actually very surprised. This was a WhooHoo moment for me. The response is immediate and I had a big smile on my face. Amazing!

The new suspension system is a giant improvement over the OEM stock air adjustable system. The pre set based on the survey of our weight, riding style, desires, carry capacities and the 95% of the time we are 2 up feels like everything set up very well. We have some really challenging roads here and I chose a wide variety of them to "check out" the new stuff. Smooth new pavement, bumpy crappy old roads, woop de do style dippers and the system performed great. An obvious big improvement on all road surfaces.

Thanks again to everyone at DK for all the input :) :)

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