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Jun 10, 2024
Dripping Springs, TX
Hey y'all,
69 Y/O Freewheeler rider. Proud Grandad of 8. Been riding for over 60 years and still keepin my knees in the wind as much as possible. I do have a little basic knowledge about Harleys, but this is my first Twin Cam and I'm as green as an Army Tank about all the electronics and sensors. I welcome any and all tips, advice, and experienced rider's comments.

I have an ECM issue with my Harley. It's got around 78,000 miles and has recently started showing the oil light while riding. It has gotten progressively worse to the point of hardly running enough to pull back into the shop this morning.
I've reset it several times, and even repaired a broken wire from the oil pressure switch and replaced the oil pressure sensor. Still have the light come on when starting. The cruise control light also comes on intermittently when I turn on the key. About to scratch a bald spot in my head trying to figure this one out..
Help an old man fix his scoot will ya?

I'm sure this new member appreciates the greetings, but not one person acknowledged his question or offered any help. Let's please not ignore a new member's questions, this is happening too often. To mitigate this, I reposted his question in the Freewheeler Forum adding the appropriate header. Any Staff Member has the tools to do the same, so thanks in advance for helping with this when a new member posts a similar question.

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