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Aug 21, 2023
Fort Mill, South Carolina
I recently purchased a 2002 Goldwing with a Roadsmith conversion. I am the third owner so I don't have all the history. The Roadsmith conversion has an early serial number that places the Roadsmith near 2002.

I need to press very hard on the brake pedal to get any real action. I mean REALLY HARD. I've looked at the calipers and pads, everything seems good. Before I start any deep troubleshooting, I would like to know if this is anywhere near normal for this vintage setup.

What are your experiences?


How does the brake fluid look?

If it is old, there could be sludge in the cylinder, also plugging the port, this happens whit the age of fluid and gasses developing , this turns to water build up, then corrosive sludge

Try removing as much old fluid as possible, then use Q tips or a clean rag to wipe the bottom of the master, have a close look for sludge

Bleed the system with new fluid and give it a try
relink the rear brakes

Roadsmith sell a kit to relink the rear brakes that were disabled with pre 2016 builds. I purchased a kit and installed it this year for mine.It has made a world of difference on mine the spongy petal is gone and the bike stops quickly now.
Honda had a "master cylinder" problem.............. May be repaired under warrantee.

Check first!



Thanks for the advice. I did a recall check by VIN. All of mine are up to date. The recall for the brake was for the rear brake dragging. My issue is the opposite, it's taking a lot of pressure for braking.


Might look up NHTSA Recall: 15V-700 for certain model yr. 2001-2015. Just bought 2010 GL1800 Motortrike and it is covered for the fix. My Dealer is ordering the parts as we speak. :)

Larry..Welcome to Trike Talk.đź‘Ť And thanks for the information. Should be helpful for quite a few people.đź‘Ťđź‘Ť

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