First trike build engineering questions...

I agree that the rake/trail calculator numbers are somewhat muddying the conceptual layout. That myriad of calculations prompted a bit too much drill-down on my part. So for the sake of simplifying let me offer a bit more reserved comments and considerations.

One of the trikes I have built in the past was called a Trimuter, roughly based on a design originated by R. Q. Riley (do a search to find his website). Absolute poor quality since this photo was taken before the digital age came about, here's mine:

View attachment 48600

Google 'Trimuter' to get better photos of others built from those plans. Not easily seen in my photo, but it uses a front fork that lends itself to a flexible layout to fit a variety of designs. The fork and frame layouts can be better seen in these images:

View attachment 48602View attachment 48603View attachment 48604View attachment 48605

The leading fork link is single sided with an automobile type hub. That allows easy removal of the front wheel and flexibility in choosing wheel types and sizes.

If you are fabricating your own frame, this would be an easy addition. Check out Riley's site where he has a truckload of information as well as design concepts. I also will refer you to a similar thread here on TrikeTalk where we discussed front end configuration for a low, enclosed trike design; .

Great progress, keep it going!!
My TriMuter build front end is about the same as a 3-wheel golf cart, high speed sucked, but around town it was great, there's photo's here under VW Trikes and it is red...

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