Article: Side by Side Photos / 2018 GL1800 with CSC Encore

CSC Encore! Patience is key when developing NEW products! 2018 GL1800

Here at California Sidecar, a big part of the designing and engineering process is to prove that both ends of the machine can hold up to each other. This process includes real life on the road testing and laboratory testing.

The CSC test riders put over 20,000+ miles on the machine during this process to ensure that you, the customer has no issues.

Tommy Tabor has tested several CSC trikes throughout the years. That's correct; His job here is to RIDE! Not a position he is willing to give up any time soon!

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Great lines on the new kit! Something that will give me great thought in my purchase next year. On the downside, I would not use the pic with Tommy Tabor riding the CSC trike, since the trike is missing its side cover. May not be good for business.

Otherwise, definitely you have a winner.


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