2005 Honda Goldwing 1800 with Lehman Monach 11 conversion

Eddie the rear discs for a Monarch II were made by Wilwood specifically for Lehman so its a proprietary product. You can still find them at some Lehman dealers. But as far as I know no known aftermarket rotors were made for the Monarch II. Pads are still available on Amazon and Ebay and can also be ordered through some shops. They are EBC FA314R. The calipers are Polaris.
Hi All can anyone tell me who and where the rear brake disc,s are manufactured and if there are any after market disc,s available.

Kind regards


Eddie, it looks like you and I have the same Trikes. I have about 51,000 miles on the ometer and need brake work front and back. May sell my bike as is. As it looks like not only hard to get parts, hard to get someone to do the work. What color is yours and how many miles or should I say Kilometers?

Mine is Maroon

P.S. have you had any brake squeal? I have had to deal with that problem from day one.

Age has caught up with me too. Good luck

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