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Good evening. I’m in search of a manual for a 2006 ultra classic Lehman renegade. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know where I could purchase one. Thanks in advance. Having no issues with trike but would like manual. It has drum brakes and I hear people have bearing problems. Any part numbers would be great to have spares in shop. Take care. Brian.

Brain......Welcome To Trike-Talk......:wave4::wave4:....
Give me the model & year of your bike and year the trike conversion was installed and I will get you some trike info.
Greetings! Newbie Here,
Picking up my new to me trike this Friday. 2003 HD ROAD GLIDE, Anniversary Edition with Lehman kit.

Where would I find a data / VIN plate that would help me identify the model and age?
Would Greatly Appreciate any assistance you can provide.
Thanks Much and God Bless!
WOW! :D Look at all that great (and important) information! Much like so many other motorcycle riders, I expect to own and maintain my Raider for a v-e-r-y long time. Your generous sharing of this data is * very * much * appreciated.

Since I can't say THANK YOU in-person, I made a donation to, and mentioned your name.
Do you still have that Lehman trike information?. I can't find anything on the Renegade Harley conversion

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