Hurricane Beryl in Texas

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Sep 7, 2015
Mercersburg, PA
Pray for Randy, his family and neighbors in the surrounding area with the latest hurricane going through. He says they are ok but are without power other than generators with minor water coming in.
I saw more of the devastation on the news last night, all I can say is the Texans are tough folks and will bounce back from this, thoughts and prayers heading your way

One of two of our neighbor's smashed trucks, probably more, but this is one of the one's we saw. River Plantation, our sprawling 1500 home neighborhood has hundreds of trees down, mostly giant, super tall pine trees. The three people who died in our area were all killed by falling trees.
We are fine, just still no power, but we have a couple of Honda 2200 watt generators so we're good, but the power is off in most of the surrounding area for homes and businesses. The few gas stations that have power and are open have literally hundreds of vehicles lined up for gas. Thanks to all who have called, texted and prayed for us.
Yup, surely glad you all are ok! Looks like the neighborhood sustained quite a bit of damage. And tragic there were lost lives
Thanks for sending the damn thing up here. Lots of flooding, but luckily no trees down or power outages. It was just a tropical storm by the time it got here. Unusual path though. Usually it curls off through the Carolinas and up the coast.

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