Hello from London Ontario Canada

Jul 9, 2024
London Ont Canada
Just wanted to say hello to all and ask questions about Trike vs Spyder but also how old of a trike or spyder would be worth purchasing. Finances are sort of an issue so purchasing new of either is out of the question but was look for new to me. Aka used but good used. I’m fairly new to riding two wheels (only have 2 seasons under my belt) but am entertaining the option of 3 for reasons I won’t get into just yet. Anyway looking for suggestions, tips and advice. Thank you in advance for any and all comments.
Hello & welcome to Trike Talk. :)
There are reasonable priced trikes out there, a good used GL1500 Goldwing to start out with
welcome aboard sorry no help just look it over real good possibly have a bike mechanic help you evaluate.
Hi Annette,
I would suggest you look at Honda GL1800 trikes. There are lots of them on the market and they are new enough that parts and service is widely available.
Welcome Annette to TrikeTalk. There is a wealth of info here to find answers to your questions. I'm partial to GL1800 trikes myself. If you give a price range, that would be helpful with advice too.
Hi Annette, welcome.

From personal experience the Spyder are maintenance finicky. You must follow the maintenance schedule to the letter to have a reliable bike.

From personal experience Honda is way more reliable, even the old ones. I have a 23 year old Wing trike and it just runs with little more than the usual oil change and basic maintenance. Parts are still readily available.

Whatever you decide have it checked over before purchase if it’s a private sale.

There is a place on Keele St. In TO called AM Sales. They usually will have used trikes on sale for a decent price and they go over them really well before they let them go. Just keep an eye on their website. And they deliver.

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