Arizona Gathering 2023

Ed sent me a link to the accident video. First and foremost, I am happy Larry is OK.

I haven't made it to AZ for a couple of years. I have been spending 2 1/2 months of summer in the UP with Bob. He comes down here for the winter. I do ride to the UP so we can ride together up there. He meets me half-way going and coming so we do trips, like to The Tail of the Dragon and other places. He brings his toy hauler and trike to Texas so we have both been riding a lot. I put 5,589 miles on my Freewheeler in 3 months.

The tour around Lake Superior is a great ride. We did it in sections since Bob lives in Marquette, MI.

Ride Lake Superior Motorcycle Tour | Ride Lake Superior



That sounds like a lot of fun! :clapping:

I've texted with Larry a few times in the last week...most recently this morning.

He is doing well. His words this morning- "I'm actually doing very good, going to the State Fair today".


Do you have the ride routes in a file that you could send out or do you have them in a turn by turn on a map that could be programed into a ride mapping program for a gps??


Hey Ray, it's Steve from Chula Vista and Ed Evermill mentioned this AZ get together to me and I checked it out. Sounds like a boatful of fun. If you plan on making the trip this year let me know and we can ride down there together. Sure hope you can make it. I know it's only February but I hope the planning starts soon. I'm itching to go.

I think this year's ride might be in "western" Arizona, based in Prescott, AZ or at least there was talk a couple years ago about alternating between eastern and western Arizona. I don't know if I will make this one, my 60th high school reunion is coming up this fall sometime and I might be on the east coast. The eastern Arizona rides is based in Eagar, AZ. That's about 550 miles from San Diego.

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