What type of mileage are you getting on your 2018 and newer front tire.


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Mar 28, 2016
Crestview Hills, KY, USA
What type of mileage are you getting on your 2018 and newer front tire.

As I now approach 8,000 miles on my GW/CSC my front tire is showing signs of wear. I probably can get another 2,000 miles out of it on the safe side. Just wondering what others my be getting. I intend to replace it with a Michelin rear tire which worked well on my 2012 GW/CSC.

To answer your question I have 6500 on my new Gen 3 with a CSC kit on it. Probably going to replace the front tire in the Fall. I put a BT-45 on my 2012 Wing several times and had good results. I think the 45 has been replaced with the BT-46. Haven't looked up the difference yet. My Gen 3 is lighter than then my Gen 2 but time will tell what, if anything, that will mean.
Replaced the original front tire at 9700 in March, 2022 with a BT-46 Now has 25,000 and half the tread. Bought another one just to have on hand and it only went up 18 bucks where the Dunlop for the two wheelers are now $496.00 for a pair.
I have just a hair over 15,000 miles on my front tire. I'm planning on changing it in a week or so. It's a good feeling traveling to Sturgis with a new front tire. Rear tires have a little over 30,000

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