What do you like about your Roadsmith Trike?

Already have 3000 miles this season on our 2018 Harley CVO Limited RS conversion. That's 3000 miles from Cleveland, Ohio not somewhere with nice winters... (sigh) Put 9000 miles last season after the conversion. The single best feature is the Aux Gas Tank. I tell people that my my trike makes gas whenever I want it to! Nothing like pushing a button and adding another 100 miles of range.

On our big trip in early may we made a 226 mile, 80 mph highway run while pulling a FULLY LOADED ( my wife likes her shoes) 22 cubic ft cargo trailer.:clapping:
I love my 2010 Goldwing TRIKE w/ the Roadsmith trike conversion.............. I converter'd over to three wheels, just 3 years ago........... (Never lQQk back) I did not get the added fuel tank, and I still feel like I never needed it, where ever I go, is a gas station....... Why carry around five gallons of extra fuel and extra weight 100% of the time??


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