Paddle Shifter-premium_paddle_shifter_6.jpg

Ohhh Ya!!! I will be making something like this with 1-1 center steering, manual, cables, Now can you see why I want to get RebelRouser rolling and sold...
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Paddle Shifting cables


This is where the cable(s) will come from, wow I can not believe up to 7/8 threads? I really need to start on this trike but as many of you already know I have to many irons in the fire now...:gah:
Trying to show you guys more of the frame design.




There will be more bracing along the sides and because of their strength I will add (light/medium blue) solid Plexiglas windows between them so I can see through yet still have the look of a body and of course a roll cage from the windshield frame to the rear. ( I just might do this next? ) :clapping:
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IFS mustang2

Mustang II Lower Control Arm.jpg

Mustang II Upper Control Arm.jpg

IFS Mustang II dimensions.jpg

These are where I will get the final dimensions for my frame design, I will start with the control arms and make them adjustable not with the upper arm cross piece (not good looking)...
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Reverse Trike future.jpg

-low center of gravity, electric? I see: 30"+ spoke wheels up front for see through, 30" x 12"w rear rubber, Canopy? To hot in the summer time and foggy in the winter time but looks bad ass, can change length for engine behind driver or front engine between legs? If you pull "Shenanigans" in this one, well! talk about rubber necks!!!

ReThinking! 2 seats side x side, front engine (4 cyl.?)



- OR! 4 wheeler El Camino? Would love to do FWD, Rear IRS (control arms only), That would really be pushing my brain...:gah:
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RT Model2 rear.jpg

Corvair front suspension.jpg

Shenanigans2 (2Peeps) or driver on the left and the engine on the right? Makes for a shorter Trike? And this one you will sit in it, NOT on it...:Coffee: I might have a lead on a Corvair bolt on complete front end. What do you think it will cost me in Ca. for a big bike (Honda) (BMW) with reverse?
OK! Time to start a newish thread. I have already started another design?

What...:clapping: Well sort of? I am putting both of these Shenanigan designs together, WHY! you say, well I need another transport and like many of my neighbors and this community which is retired and most of the homes are "Manufactured Homes" and this usually means one side carport maybe 50-60 feet long and 12 feet wide but you still have to switch cars to many times, so it's TomyJ to the rescue heeheehee.

The Trike/drawing will be 8' long and 4'wide sort of golf car size so it also means I can park in my carport sideways...:pepper: The driver and the engine will be side x side and the old folks like a roof and some sort of a body (wind)(the cold) can take out in summer. Photos to follow...:Coffee:
Drawings have started and the plastic frame material is delivered, 1/4 scale will show me the frame in 3D, and again I hope to keep it at 8-9 feet long...;) And for the record PAPA, I do not like your new format...
Shenanigans3, OK! Papa Z, let's see if this is going to work? ;)
(Oops! We ran into some problems.
The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension. The following extensions are allowed: .zip, .txt, .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif) Trying to download a photo...Lets try again? Same thing???:mad: Let me think about this? Maybe a different photo, like I have used before?

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