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Mar 30, 2024
Walpole MA
I have been doing a Road Glide thread on Laconia for a decade, as I have swapped to a Freewheeler, thought I would post a little of it here. In part, to inform/answer questions about the Rally. Chrip in !

14 days to go !

DAILY EVENTS – LMCW ( Not a lot of details

Music Updates:

Looney Bin: Events Archive - The Looney Bin Bar and Grill

I quick review of the other regular live music locations, indicates that they are posting "it's Bike Week" with nothing further really posted.

So, picking out a day, to see a specific band probably requires you to search on that particular bands web site.

High Octane - Their web site and Facebook do not address a bike week line up. I would assume a lot of music.

Tower Hill - stages on the first and second floor, and outdoors in back. I would assume a lot of music.

Chop Shop - Beer tent across from the Weirs Beach sign. Looks like they are returning for the 101st. No real details posted. Their full time location is in Seabrook NH.

NASWA - Only post is a Tatto event on Thursday. Usually an active music site.

603 - on the old drive in property in 2023. I am not seeing anything for 2024

I know at some point, I will be at the first 4 listings. Probably Tower Hill the most frequent one. As I can walk there and back.

Others to travel to: ( a few more comments as you might not be familiar with them)

Iron Tails in Acton ME - about 55 minutes from Weirs - The link goes to their web site. This is a full time biker bar, active April to Sept. Regular Thursday night biker games, with indoor and outdoor stages. Sundays are awesome.
Home (

Bentleys Saloon - Arundel ME about and hour an 20 from Weirs. A nice ride around the bottom of Lake Winni. Two choices of routes from Alton Bay. The Rt 109 route takes you by Iron Tails. Bentley's IS The premier biker bar in New England. The full Bike Week activities are posted: Premier Biker Destination | Events Calendar ( Very active. Sunday there is an organized ride from Laconia HD. (20+) Ride to Bentley's! | Facebook

Wallys in Hampton Beach NH - about an hour and 20min ride. A biker bar for years. Can be limited parking. Entertainment is at night. But, they do have some good ones. Live Music - Wally's Restaurant & Entertainment Venue, Hampton NH ( Same owner also has Bernie's Beach Bar. Then there is The Goat across the street. My suggestion is to visit Hampton late mid week, stay overnight.

Also Hampton Beach - The Casion Ballroom. Bike week shows
Saturday, June 8, 2024
: 8:00 PM

Saturday, June 15, 2024

: 8:00 PM Doors: 7:00 PM

Hawgs Pen - in Farmington on Rt 11. I don't know about their music or evenings. We stop there for lunch occasionally. Foods ok.

Not Music:
Laconia Harley - no music last year, but some events. Including the Ride to Bentleys, and one to Mt Washington on Thursday. Laconia Motorcycle Week - Bike Week - 2017 Motorcycle Expo - Laconia Harley-Davidson®

NH Motor Speedway - Some vendors. All the Demo Trucks. MC Racing, Stunt Show, and Cop Rodeo's. 25 mins
from Weirs. Event Calendar | Events | New Hampshire Motor Speedway (

Anything to add please post away !!

Thursday 6-13 Music Hall in Portsmouth, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. I saw this Who's Line is it Anyway show about 7 years ago. Very good! About 45 mins from Weirs sign.
High Octane published their music line-up for Bike Week

The Tower Hill "Group" has the following, more of a listing of their four venues - all adjacent to each other. There is a complete schedule on Facebook page. I did not post, as the link is in what appears to be Arabic. Go to Facebook directly.

A reminder, lots of good times to be had. But, I suggest that you act with respect at all times. Police and Security are typically very Strick, and it is not wise to cross them.

See ya Saturday !
Greetings from Laconia!

Had a new front tire installed, replacing the OEM. Also, CIRO frame mounted pegs. Liking the pegs!

Not that I used them, but HD a bit pricey on Labor at $150 ph

Appears everyone pays attention to their phones weather reports. Crowds really fluctuate to match predictions.

Less vendors on hill across from the sign. A lot less. Other locations the same. Can't find helmet stickers at all. A few t shirt vendors down to $10..last night, which proves it has been slow.

New this year is a Kill 22 booth. We already wear the rings. Bought some shirts. Awesome Friday Wear Red shirt.

Food at the new owners Market Place is very good. Called Off the Rails.

Stopped at Harley Jacks over on 16. From the set up, looks popular on non bike week. Quiet this past Tuesday.

We are out today. I expect to be at Iron Tails in Acton ME tonight for their Thursday Biker Games

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