Condor Kit, 2018 GL1800 Trunk warning indicator flashing

May 19, 2024
Kent Ohio
During a 4500 mile trip to Monument Valley two weeks ago my trunk warning light started flashing.

The trunk door does not seem to close all the way, and even when I push on the door, the light continues to flash on the dash

Does anyone have a solution for me or where I can get some tech manuals to troubleshoot this issue?

The guy that did my conversion is no longer in business so I can’t call him.

Thanks in advance for any advice
One BIG ISSUE with the GL is the trunk latch. NEVER slam it shut. The “U” shaped contacts in the lid get pushed out of alignment and then need to be readjusted. Always close the lid by gently placing it closed and then press it to lock. You then won’t have issues.

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