New Texas Guy Gonna Need Help

Jul 3, 2024
Lumberton, Texas
Gerald Houser
Greeting & Salutations Everyone, Just bought my first trike on Ebay. Hasn't been delivered yet, but I'm sure I'm gonna have a ton of questions. I am a Navy Vet 78yo, retired from Home Depot, Living in Lumberton, Texas. So far all I know is it's a 1992 Goldwing Aspencade Trike, looking forward to learning a lot. I have been riding since I was about 10, but never a trike.
Thanks for having me, Gerry

Question #1 : I see all the CB switches on these bike, does anyone still use CB's ?
Hello Gerry, Welcome to Trike Talk......Yes CB's are still used on the roads.....
10-4 Good Buddy
Welcome aboard to Trike Talk Gerry.

As to the use of CB's, they are not used as much as they used to be. But on these motorcycle CB's, you really only have an effective transmit range of a mile or so. They have come in real handy in group rides to communicate but many are switching over to wireless intercoms like the Sena or Cardo. I do both. I have a Sena headset but also the CB as some groups still use theirs.
Gerry welcome read on the different forums on riding a trike. REMEMBER leaning does not turn a trike. Must steer like a jet ski or snowmobile or ATV. Also don't put your feet down when you stop. You will run over your own foot.

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