New Love Jugs Mighty Mite Fans - In Stock Now Same Day Shipping

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Dec 14, 2007
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Papa Zook
New Love Jugs Mighty Mite Fans - In Stock Now Same Day Shipping

UPDATE 3/27/17- In Stock Now - Same Day Shipping via 2 Day Priority USPS Mail

The new Love Jugs Mighty Mite and the Cool Master cooling fans are now available in our Trike Talk Store. Use the link below in my signature or above on the forum navigation line.

The new Mighty Mites are $329 and includes free priority shipping. We use secure PayPal processing for PayPal or all major credit card payments. Payment go straight through the PayPal site.

The Mighty Mites are available in black or chrome, the Cool Masters are available in black powder coat, flat black and chrome.

Cool Master Email.jpg


Can not get the order form this product ,, so does anybody have direct phone number to order this ??

Just go up to the first post in this thread and click on the TrikeTalk store logo at the bottom of the page in red. I think it will take you to Papa Zook's order form and it looks like you can pay via PayPal.
Or you can click on the Love Jug icon on the right with the other ads and you will get Zook's phone number
Mine are ordered

I will be getting mine soon order placed and confirmed from Zook. Prompt service, good people, and good price looking forward to installing them. Now to get the weather to break and warm up. ;) ride safely fearless
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A heads up to all who ordered your Love Jugs Cool Masters and Mighty Mites from me through the store. First, thank you for your orders and second, thank you for your patience.

All orders to date have been shipped except for a few that just came in and they will be shipped Monday or Tuesday when I receive my stock shipment. The Cool Masters went out from my shop as soon as the orders came in and the Mighty Mites shipped directly from Love Jugs but took a while as they were slammed with hundreds of orders.

I have forwarded a USPS tracking number to all who ordered so check your emails.
Just Received Mighty Mites - Same Day Shipping

I just received a shipment of black Mighty Mites and I have a few that are not spoken for if anyone wants one now. Same day shipping 2 day Priority Mail. Order through the Trike Talk Store in the link below.
Got mine on Monday

Plan on installing tomorrow if all goes well still cold here rain figures..:xzqxz: ride safely Fred

Ordered a set of "Mighty Mites" today along with adaptor harness for Freewheeler, will let you know how they work in the Florida early season heat.

I have the Mighty Mites on now

I can tell you this

My ET has come down 50 degrees and dropping a bit more each time I ride

I can honestly say if you ride ANY air cooled Machine

YOU NEED THIS product:)
I have run the Mighty Mites non stop now for over 1 week

I am convinced that I should have had this set up a long time ago

I am also glad knowing that even if my M8 BURNS up it wont be because of the Mighty Mites, Just Sayin:p

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